Monday, October 10, 2011

Five O'Clock World

Work travel.  Usually my husband is the one jetting off to another state once every month or so.  It's really hard when he's not around since he is so hands-on.  When he's gone I take time in the evenings once the kids go to bed to try to accomplish something useful like gathering up old clothes and toys for the donation center to clear up a cluttered room, or catch up on all my recorded television shows so he doesn't have to suffer through them when he returns (although I know he secretly loves Glee)! 

My job took me to St Louis for five nights.  That's unfair time away because he is usually only gone for three nights when he travels.  Lucky for him he has both our mothers standing by taking turns cooking dinner for him and the boys.  Lucky for me, he got to experience my early mornings of getting both kids up, dressed, fed and off to separate schools across town.  Guess what else?  He also had to pack a lunchbox each day.

I'm proud of my man for keeping the kids happy (he promised me they would still be alive when I returned), managing all the household duties (though most of their time was spent outside the home), and he, on his own, took photos of each lunch he packed in case I wanted to use them for the blog!  Let's check it out!

This is great!  PB&J on whole wheat bread, a vegetable and cookies for a special treat that he bought because those were not in the house when I left.  Good job, A+

Oh, okay, this is funny.  I know where this is going.  My husband is very funny and very sarcastic.  He pretty much makes fun of everything.  B- for lack of creativity.

Psych!  It's just a different camera angle.

The rest of the week

In his defense, he said he switched up the sandwich from PB&J to salami and cheese.  Also, he said our son was excited about the lunches and brought back an empty box each night.  That's fine, I'm sure it was nice for everyone to experience something a little different but now that Big Mamma's back, it's time for everyone to detox! 

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