Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Everything is Awesome!

Lego Movie influenced, each week we celebrate Taco Tuesday, resulting in our usual eating out on Friday night at a Mexican restaurant to fall by the wayside.  I'm a little tired of tacos, as good as they are, but heaven forbid we miss a stuffed tortilla Tuesday night because the kids will have a total conniption.  They wouldn't mind eating Mexican food twice a week, but the youngest one only eats a cheese filled tortilla anyway, so I really have to switch things up for him the rest of the week with his other favorite foods like grilled cheese, cheese and crackers, grated cheese in a pile on his plate and string cheese (Napoleon sigh.)

My grocery store sells these.  

Only five ingredients!  Tortillas are the devil.  Take a look at the amazingly long list of ingredients on any tortilla package and you'll find lots of unpronounceable words.  Those delicious flat circles sit on the shelf for a while, needing to not mold and those preservatives prevent that.  I started making my own tortillas but couldn't seem to get the texture right.  I figure it's because I wasn't using lard.  I haven't seen that since visiting my great grandma's house in the early 80's.  Who still buys that?

Cook these bad boys up in a screaming hot pan, 30 seconds for each side.  They are delicious.  I always make extra, wrap and refrigerate for lunchboxes the next day.  They can be warmed in the microwave for about 20 seconds.  Once I fill and roll them, I'll wrap them in plastic to keep them tight until lunch time.  The kids love Wednesday's leftover taco lunches and I don't have to wonder what 's for lunch that day, every....single...........week.