Friday, September 13, 2013

Fun Back to School Lunches

Picked up some cool, new lunch box accessories while we shopped for back to school this year.  We needed another Bento Box since I'll be preparing two lunches now that I have a second grader and a very excited preschooler.  Honestly, the oldest asked me why he can't take a regular brown paper bag to school like some of the other kids (BECAUSE THIS IS LEXI'S LUNCH BOX!  Oooo, deep breath before I scream answer.)  "Uh, because it's friendlier to the Earth."  I have no idea the amount of fossil fuel that goes into these plastic containers but that response sounded reasonable enough and he went on to complain about something else.  : )


Turkey sub on wheat, peaches and the angry bird is made from a Babybel cheese

I continue to try to give the kids choices, have them help grocery shop and have a say in what they would like for their lunches.  Although I've found it easier to prepare the lunches after they've gone to bed instead of having them hover over me in the morning when they are supposed to be eating breakfast.  The cutesy lunches are now embarrassing for my oldest so I've had to evolve a bit to still make his lunches appealing and special for him.  He was excited to pick out several new containers such as a mini Thermos to help keep the warm stuff warm.  I usually pack lasagna in that.  He also has small Tupperware cups for dressing and this thing, that helps to just switch things up a bit.

The new bento box

My preschooler is my picky eater so I struggle to think of food to pack that he will eat.  However, his enthusiasm is off the charts so I can turn a little Babybel cheese into his absolute, all-time favorite character and suddenly I'm Mom-of-the-year.  His special talent--long-winded, one-sided conversations about all things Star Wars Angry Birds.  It's incredible.  He never runs out of topic.  Per his request,  I'm stuck trying to figure out how to make a Han Solo Angry Bird frozen in carbonate Halloween costume.  At least he gave me advanced notice.