Saturday, August 27, 2011

"So, what's a couple of bites like you doing out so late, eh?"

It may be a bit of a stretch as far as craftiness, but took no extra time to prepare.  This is a great 'whole wheat' shark, splashing up over waves of green pepper.  Of course I get a, "Mom!  I only like red peppers!"  I thought the green pepper would look more oceanic.

How perfect would gold fish crackers go as a little side snack {adding to grocery list}?  My nephew loves these little Nemo gummy snacks (now I totally have to re-do this lunch idea)!

I was informed the teachers have the children take at least a few bites of each item packed in their lunch, hence my guy's concern over the green versus red pepper.  Way to go teachers!!  Now, how can I take advantage of this new knowledge?

The shark is simply a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  I used a paring knife to skillfully (yeah, right) cut big-sharp teeth, and black olives for his dark, ready to feed on prey, eyes.  His name's BRUCE!

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